Fashion Stylist Help after Marie Kondo Tidying

Robyn Hobbs

With all the excitement of the KonMari Method thanks to Marie Kondo on Netflix you may do a huge wardrobe purge and still be left with the feeling that you have items that spark joy, but no clue how to wear them or incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

Fashion Stylist work Ontario Le Prix Robyn Hobbs

I am here to help you with that as your personal fashion stylist.

Robyn Hobbs Fashion Stylist Ontario

For years I’ve been helping clients across South Western Ontario (and some worldwide thanks to Skype and FaceTime) sort through their wardrobe to get rid of things they don’t love (aka spark joy) by creating piles of items to keep, sell and donate. The keep pile usually includes items you love and wear all the time, as well as items you love but need some fashion guidance. I've coined this the "Style Pile". You’ll get more versatility out of your closet and be excited to get dressed every day with my help as your personal fashion stylist.

 Fashion Stylist work Ontario Le Prix Robyn Hobbs

Rebecca and I had fun going through her large closet in Waterloo to make space in her room, her life, and mind. Decluttering and organizing is rewarding and will help you not feel like you have nothing to wear. I will keep you focused, keep you calm, work efficiently, plus I am really fun to work with.

 Fashion Stylist work Ontario Le Prix Robyn Hobbs

The common feedback I get is, “I never would have thought of that”. It’s so fun for me to share my creative fashion visions with the pieces you have and help you create a simple shopping list of versatile pieces to help round out your wardrobe. You can buy them whenever you have time and the money. I always encourage to shop sustainably and ethically, and second-hand (hopefully at Le Prix) is a perfect way to do all that on a budget and not wastefully.

Fashion Stylist work Ontario Le Prix Robyn Hobbs

Does your closet need some fashion guidance? Find out more about Le Prix's stylist services here.

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