Have a Sustainable Shopping Party at Le Prix

Have a Sustainable Shopping Party at Le Prix

I am so lucky to have such amazing clients. 🙌 When I get to chat about sustainability 🌱, the zero-waste lifestyle ♻️, and of course fashion 👗… my heart feels so full. 💗

I had the pleasure of having a group of women shopping together this morning and had literal chills several times for feeling such a connection and enjoyment while they shopped in-store. 👭 They carpooled together, and shopped, chatted with me and had fun exploring their style. Some just came to browse, some for an outfit for a wedding and another just trying to find some cute summer wear.

They are part of an amazing community that I recently joined called Bunz. If you’re not on it yet, you should be! There's a mobile app.

Trade with people in your city for everything from clothing and furniture to houseplants and haircuts. Seriously amazing to find a growing circular economy?! 💫

Have you heard of Bunz?

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