Is Wool Sustainable?

Is Wool Sustainable?

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Let's talk about wool. :sheep: I felt inspired to share this @fash_rev textile story to help you understand why I am so committed to shopping second-hand. This GAP wool fringe poncho ($54 one size) is second-hand so you don't have to worry about supporting unethical and unsustainable practices.


The fashion system is complicated and you have to ask so many questions to find if you're actually "shopping sustainably. Interested in learning more? Read below. :point_down::skin-tone-2:

"Wool is a natural insulator, and its warmth, resilience & breathability make this material ideal for a range of wears from suiting to active wear to knitted goods. As a protein fibre, wool comes from sheep. Though sheep are shorn for their wool, we must be mindful of our impact whenever we take materials from a living being. Wool production can have a massive impact on animal welfare, along with environmental consequences. :sheep: @GoodOnYou tells us, “In Australia, the wool industry has a high standard of animal welfare, with sheep that produce quality wool, high in lanolin. Lanolin is a grease produced by sheep to help maintain and protect its fleece. It is harvested for its own properties and is a great moisturizer. Unfortunately, despite high industry standards for merino sheep, there is controversy over the practice of mulesing the sheep. :evergreen_tree: Environmentally, “Wool is a naturally produced, biodegradable and renewable fibre. It’s a great alternative to synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester, which are forms of plastic… On the other hand, intensive sheep farming uses methods that harm the environment. Industrial size livestock grazing can also increase land clearing and degradation. There are holistic land management methods of grazing like animals being grazed in smaller paddocks for shorter periods of time, allowing the paddock to be in recovery for most of the time. Unfortunately, these practices are not widespread...” A revolutionary leap towards sustainable wool is @textileexchange #ResponsibleWoolStandard, a certification that addresses both animal welfare & environmental issues in wool."

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