Le Prix is a Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle One-Stop Shop

Le Prix is a Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle One-Stop Shop

I think it’s about time to re-introduce Le Prix! It’s more than just a pre-loved fashion shop.

Le Prix second-hand fashion

It’s a safe space to have fun, explore your style, love yourself, feel empowered, and shop sustainably.

I (my name is Robyn btw) curate mint-condition women’s clothing, shoes and accessories that are second-hand, but I also mix in sustainable new things too. So far I’ve travelled around North America, Central America, and Europe to find pieces for Le Prix.

Le Prix travels to Costa Rica for sustainable jewelry

The new sustainable items include zero-waste baby clothes and reusable makeup remover pads by Upcycle Lifestyle, reusable straws, artisan-made upcycled jewellery, natural zero-waste Stain Remover Laundry Bars, and a fun new brand collab is on the way (woohoo!).

I am also a fashion stylist with a focus on sustainability too. I’m not here to tell you “that is out of season”, I am here to help you find your confidence when getting dressed and take away the stress of what to wear and your disorganized closet.

Le Prix sustainable fashion

My goal is to make shopping a fun and interactive experience. I feel like we are missing the IRL component a little when it’s easy for time to be eaten up while scrolling endlessly through your feed.

You can shop online, shop through my IG feed, or in-store. I’ve converted two bedrooms in my house into the Le Prix boutique. If you want to shop in-store, you need to book a free in-store appointment. It just reserves the time for you and makes sure I’m available since I can be styling someone in their closet, having a pop-up shop, or practicing self-care and taking some time off.

shop in-store at Le Prix Kitchener-Waterloo

Click here to book a time (or you can click "Message Us" at the bottom right of the screen). You’re welcome to bring friends or come solo. Whatever you want! The shopping experience is catered to you.

Thank you so much for all of you who have been part of the Le Prix lifestyle movement, and welcome to those of you who are just joining. Get ready to feel amazing.

Robyn Hobbs inside Le Prix

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