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This is How To Avoid Fast Fashion

Le Prix is anti fast fashion

"How do you avoid fast fashion when it's a last minute emergency? Like if you need a specific piece for an event, how do I avoid fast fashion?"

Le Prix Vintage and Modern fashion

For the future - Plan ahead. Usually, you know of a scheduled event. But you have options:

  1. Call or DM second-hand shops like Le Prix to ask if they have what you're looking for (it saves you time)
  2. Look on their e-commerce websites ... of course, I am going to say check out Le Prix's new arrivals
  3. Re-work what you have with new-to-you accessories like a bag, belt, necklace, earrings, a bold lipstick, new hairstyle, shoes. Often clients bring in dresses they want Le Prix to style for events and parties
  4. Borrow something from a friend
  5. Hire a fashion stylist (like me) to solve the problem for you
  6. Shop other sustainable brands if you feel like you need something new 
  7. Follow sustainable brands on social media so you have resources in your feed when you need them. I love Sutton & Grove
  8. Have a clothing swap (Le Prix can be hired to facilitate and host while giving style tips)
  9. Depending on the level of formality and budget there are companies like Rent frock Repeat you can rent from

Any other ideas? I'd love to hear them in the comments.



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