What to Pack for San Francisco

Pack for san francisco

For a trip to California for two weeks in February, San Francisco is definitely different weather than Canada. The weather in Waterloo (Canada) is below freezing and snowy. It was gets to a bitter -30C or so. San Francisco is usually in the teens. Yay for anything above freezing. A quick weather check shows the trip I went on to be between 13C and 22C.

Obviously pack some layers for all types of weather. So what to bring?


1 Rain Coat

1 Scarf

1 Moto Jacket

2 Pullover Sweaters (1 cotton, 1 wool)

5 Dresses (1 long sleeve, 2 t-shirt, 2 sleeveless [1 is a maxi])

7 tops (1 oxford, 1 3/4 length, 4 T’s, 1 tank)

4 Bottoms (1 jegging, 1 denim, 1 short, 1 skirt)

3 Pairs of stockings (for under dresses for warmth)

Workout Clothes (1 short, 1 capri pant, 1 t-shirt, 1 sports bra)


1 Swim Suit

4 Shoes (1 boot [wearing them there], 1 wedge, 1 sandal, 1 running shoe)

Accessories (1 belt, some gold & silver necklaces, some studs & rings)

2 Bags (1 cross body & 1 tote)

Socks, Panties & Bras

I have a ton of toiletries but I am sure you have your own favorites so I won’t list them all. But never forget dry shampoo. It makes the travel life a breeze!

Here is everything I am bringing!
Here is everything I brought!

My luggage is going to be checked.. and I left room for another bag to act as a carry-on if I get so much stuff I need more room!I check my luggage and I left room for another bag to act as a carry-on if I get so much stuff for Le Prix if I needed more room.
And oh yes did I ever get some amazing pieces. Scroll through the fun finds I've found for Le Prix through my travels. Robyn Le Prix

 Le Prix Travel Finds


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