What Are The Benefits of Cashmere?

What Are The Benefits of Cashmere?

There isn’t a time of year when your cashmere won’t be suitable. This sparkly cardigan is the perfect weekend go-to piece.

If you’ve heard me talk about “materials matter”, here’s a quick lesson on natural fabric cashmere:

1. Cashmere can insulate up to three times more effectively than regular sheep’s wool

2. Cashmere is impressively breathable

3. Not too heavy; not too light

4. No scratchiness

5. A year-round go-to

6. On trend now, and timeless


Shop This Cardigan Now:

LaRok Blush Beaded Sequin Cashmere Sweater - XS/Small ($62)


Then I always get questions about garment care:

Q: That cardigan is beautiful but how do you wash it so all of the sequins don't fall off?

A: All of our listings include washing / care instructions. but since this is such a gorgeous intricate piece, I suggest dry cleaning (I did that for it before listing it). I can recommend environmentally friendly dry cleaners in the area as well (it should be around $10+HST to clean). Natural fabrics do not need to be washed as regularly as synthetics. Cashmere has its own antibacterial properties that help to keep it fresh, even after a number of wears. But if your cashmere is your constant winter companion, you might want to wash it two or three times a season.

Q: How to you fix the pulls and any pilling?

A: We have the perfect tools for that! 

Knit Picker Sweater Saver Tool ($8)


Gleener Reusable Zero Waste Fabric Shaver / De-Piller & Lint Brush to Remove Fuzzies ($20)
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