Eastern Europe Shopping Trip: Part 3 - Slovakia

Eastern Europe Shopping Trip: Part 3 - Slovakia

What to do in Slovakia


We arrived late at night in Bratislava, Slovakia at the train station and missed the last bus, so we had to walk at night across town to get to our hostel. Something to note that not everyone knows, hostels aren't all rooms filled with bunk beds and 20 people. You can get private rooms, which is exactly what Gary and I do. That way you have your privacy, you can lock your things up and not worry. Depending on the place, sometimes you have a communal bathroom though. But we like to keep our accommodation costs low so we can travel more and do more.
The movies 'Euro Trip' and 'Hostal' don't really set a great tone for Bratislava but it's definitely wrong. We met the friendliest man who ran his own coffee cart. We'd get our latte there every morning.
We embraced the frugal life as well as just embracing the culture. We ate lots of baked goods and cheese...too bad I can't do dairy anymore. Another great way to save money and not get tired of eating out all the time is to pop into grocery stores and grab some fresh food.
We were lucky to enjoy the great sunny weather so we took some time to enjoy the waterfront on the Danube River. Gary was hilarious wearing shorts and reinforcing the Canadian stereotype. But I must say traveling in Europe in Winter is nothing like living in Ontario, Canada.
When traveling, Gary loves doing the historical walking tours, so we saw all the highlights. Like the Bratislava Opera House above. 
I loved the pop of baby blue on the Church of St. Elisabeth which was a refreshing change with a lot of the drab grey left over from Communism. 
It was so neat, at every turn there was something iconic in Bratislava. You can even see the city Castle above from lots of the streets.
Gary is so good at finding great restaurants for us to try. He is a foodie, but we've been lucky to dry decadent meals all over the world. We found this place in Bratislava and we loved the halušky with sheep cheese (the dish on the left, above). 
After indulging in a delicious dinner, we went for dessert some place else. Yummmy is all I can say. This cafe specialized in all things chocolate. We enjoyed all these handmade treats and oh it was so worth it.
All in all, Bratislava has a cute small town feel and the people were very warm. The food is SO tasty and it would be fun to explore the country side in the future.

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Stay tuned for the next stop in my Euro travels.
Robyn Le Prix

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Hey Robyn – Thanks for letting me travel vicariously through you to parts of middle Europe.
Really enjoyed the tour and break.
Many Blessings

Niki Klein

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