Keeping Women In Style Sustainably

Keeping Women In Style Sustainably

“Styling services from Robyn at Le Prix are so helpful”.

Thank you for your love, Melissa!

I work with your lifestyle to find the best outfits for you. Are you sporty? In an office? Want to express personality? More conservative? I help you shine in pieces you’re so happy in, you let out a little squeal and smile at yourself in the mirror.

This pussybow white top from Le Prix is so flirty and also works for this boss babe running her business.

I've had some clients ask why it's called a pussybow. The formal French term is a lavallière. It's a style of neckwear for women's tops. It features a bow tied at the neck similar to those tied around the neck of kittens and cats. Now it makes total sense where the term came from. 

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