This is How Le Prix Works

This is How Le Prix Works

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Le Prix is a fashion experience. It really is retail therapy. It's a safe space to explore your personality, style, and wardrobe. I want you to leave feeling happier, more relaxed, and confident to go out into the world and pursue your passions.

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You can either shop in-store, online, and I am also a stylist with an hourly rate of $99 per hour. Le Prix only carries women's fashions, but I style anyone who wants fashion help.

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Everything at Le Prix is all sustainable second-hand or from local makers in places I've found along my travels. My focus is on sustainability and fostering self-love.

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Clients have called Le Prix therapeutic and a place for 'me' time. When you shop in-store, I style you for free and listen to your feelings about what you're trying on. I only charge for styling when it's a wardrobe consultation in your closet, I go shopping elsewhere with you, help you purge your wardrobe, I style you for a photoshoot, etc.

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If you're in KW or up for a mini-road trip, shop in-store and I can help you find pieces that fit with your desired style that make you feel amazing. People really will notice a positive change in you. There's also the "Message Us" button on so you can ask me questions about style, sizing, services, and whatever else you may need to know about shopping online and in-store at Le Prix.

Le Prix Review

However you choose to use Le Prix, you must make an appointment (t's free) on my booking platform here and you'll get a one-on-one appointment time slot and confirmation e-mail (you're also free to invite people, but lots prefer the one-on-one time).

Le Prix by appointment

Lots of clients are seasonal shoppers and usually have a wardrobe consultation at the beginning and then start shopping in-store. It helps me to get a greater understanding of your desired look. Some people come frequently to have some fun, find something new, or finish off a look they already have. Le Prix is like any other store, but more customized to you since you get your own appointment.

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If you decide you want to book me as a stylist for your personal wardrobe, I have a survey I give out a day or two before the appointment. If you have a Pinterest board of looks you think are beautiful, it's definitely beneficial to share with me too.

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Another popular option is having a style focused social event. This could be having me facilitate and style a clothing swap with your friends or organization, or having a trunk show and I can bring lots of pieces for your group to shop. Remember, I'm a stylist so I can really help broaden the versatility of pieces and help you get pieces you'll be excited to wear over, and over.

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Since I am a well-versed traveler and I don't compromise style while on the road, I also do travel packing. I can create a capsule wardrobe for your trip regardless if you're going skiing, down South, backpacking, or exploring historical cities. You can sit back and relax while I create the lightest and best travel wardrobe you've had.

 Travel Packing wardrobe stylist

As you can see, my fashion services really are endless. All of these services came to be since clients keep asking me to help make fashion decisions easier for them. 

Le Prix Stylist

Let me know if you have any other style services you think I should offer, and contact me if you have any more questions about shopping at Le Prix or booking me as a wardrobe stylist.

Robyn Le Prix

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