This is What Happens During a Wardrobe Purge

This is What Happens During a Wardrobe Purge

You wake up in the morning, thinking about what to wear. When you open your closet you are overwhelmed with mountains of clothes, some you bought last week others, you have no recollection of. It happens to all of us ladies (and men!) where you forget just how many clothes you have, and soon enough you can barely squeeze them in the closet.

You try to clean-up and go through the closest but every time you pick up a top you think about the memories you’ve had or the possible situations you might wear it in. You can’t let go of it and it sits in your closest for the next 6 months. Rinse and repeat.

This scenario happened to one of our clients, Rebecca who had a closet full of clothes and had no idea where to begin. Overwhelmed, she messaged Le Prix, where we not only offer sustainable fashion but also offer services to help people such as Rebecca who gets stuck in these type of situations.

Robyn came to Rebecca’s house and upon entering her bedroom there were clothes she stacked on the bed that ranged from ripped jeans to flirty dresses. The first thing Robyn did before jumping into her work was give Rebecca a hug and let her know, “we got this!”- who else wouldn’t be nervous about getting rid of clothes?

Soon after Rebecca picked one of the items off the bed and described it to Robyn. She explained the reason why she wasn’t sure whether to keep it and asked questions that made her hesitant to get rid of them. The words “I don’t know how to wear this”, “I don’t know when I should wear this” or “I like this but…” is said frequently.  Robyn eagerly had Rebecca try on the clothes she wasn’t sure about, she listened to Rebecca and offered advice on how to wear pieces differently to freshen up the look. But the most important question during the consultation was, “how do you feel in it?”.

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Ladies, if you’re not feeling cute in the outfit you’re wearing, PURGE IT! We wear clothes to express ourselves and if the clothes on the outside don’t match who you are, then don’t wear it and find clothes that fit you better physically and, most importantly, mentally.

The consultation continued with Rebecca trying on the clothes she laid out on the bed, asking questions and Robyn offering her fashion advice. Three piles of clothes were laid out on the floor; clothes to throw away, clothes that are a maybe and clothes to keep. Sometimes it’s obvious what to keep and what to toss but there are clothes that need more time to be thought about and revisited. Another pile was deemed ‘the style pile’ for clothes Rebecca liked but didn’t know how to wear.

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Within an hour almost all the clothes that were stacked on the bed were now in four piles. Soon enough the wardrobe clean-up was over, Rebecca had room in her closet which was full of clothes she loved and was able to commit to tossing clothes she was indifferent about.

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When it comes to wardrobe clean-up it is usually a painfully long and emotional process of deciding what to keep or what to toss. With a fashion stylist such as Robyn Hobbs it is equivalent to having a friend with an endless amount of fashion knowledge. With Robyn’s calm demeanour and experience, the whole process was rejuvenating in being able to commit to a wardrobe that Rebecca loved and felt good in.

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If you or anyone you know out there has experienced the dread of cleaning up their wardrobe contact Le Prix for assistance. We're happy to make fashion fun again and make space in your closet and life.

Watch Rebecca's Wardrobe Purge with Fashion Stylist Robyn Hobbs

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